Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR: The zenith of racing performance

It was about two years ago when Volkswagen launched its golf race car concept which featured a powerful 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a sequential gearbox with shift paddles located on the steering wheel, and a consistently developed racing chassis. Although its extravagant aero may say otherwise, the car is actually front wheel-driven. In addition, this beast holds large scoops and vents, and a prominent wide body, along with an enormous rear wing.


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The car model has since attracted the curiosity of the racing industry and just last year, it has been given the authorization for public distribution. Earnestly developed by the Volkswagen Motorsport Team, this touring car has been officially called the Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR. The company built 20 of these 330-horsepower touring cars for privateers, and they have probably been all sold by now (to teams for the FIA’s 2016 Touring Car Racing International series).

While there are no significant changes under its hood, GTI TCR is enhanced by the distinctive red “GTI” symbol in the rear and the front grille as well as bits of red trims on its front end. It carries a roll cage, racing seat, full harness, and a FIA-approved fuel tank with its lightweight interior. Moreover, this carbon-clad model boasts of a 40-cm wide chassis which is more than the size of its production versions.


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The GTI TCR is created to partake in the Touring Car Racing (TCR) International Series and in other reasonably-priced motorsport. Having gained exceptional impact during tests, it further guarantees to live up to its utmost potential during race car competitions.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR achieved double victories in the recent TCR Middle East championship in Dubai. 16-year-old Luca Engstler (Liqui Moly Team Engstler) won in race one, his very first touring car race. In race two, Brandon Gdovic took home all the spoils. The championship will end at Bahrain International Circuit on 10 March.